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Services for Attorneys & Administrators

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Landex Research is highly qualified to assist attorneys, trust officers and administrators of estates in every aspect of establishing a complete heirship.

Our staff conducts initial searches for the estate or trust at no cost or obligation. Once our staff reviews the information, we advise on the best way to proceed with the case.


Fee Arrangements

Landex Research has flexible compensation plans to adjust to any situation.

Flat Fees

For quick searches and research conducted primarily for notification purposes, you may arrange to pay a flat dollar amount for a specific search. Our office provides a free estimate based on available information. We begin our search once the estate or court approves a mutually acceptable fee.

Contingency Fees

The majority of our probate searches are done without cost to the estate. In complex matters, the lengthy search to identify and locate unknown heirs is conducted by Landex Research solely at its own expense.

Once we identify and locate the correct heirs, compensation is negotiated directly with the individuals for a reasonable portion of their inheritance. Our fee is therefore paid by the individuals who benefit the most from our work.

Many attorneys prefer contingency fees over hourly and other set fees for the following reasons:

  1. The estate is not required to expend funds for searches that may prove to be unproductive.
  2. Known heirs do not bear any of the research costs to locate missing heirs.
  3. Unless our company is successful in locating rightful heirs and documenting their relationships, it receives nothing.

family treeDocumentation

Landex Research carefully gathers documents to submit to the court to substantiate its findings. Some of these include:

  • Detailed family charts
  • Certified vital records
  • Census records
  • Death notices
  • Affidavits
  • Expert testimony
Our staff takes all necessary steps to assist you in properly settling estate matters.


Landex Research is built on a solid reputation for honesty, hard work, and efficient service while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Our files contain numerous letters of recommendation and appreciation from those who have benefited from our services.

References are provided to heirs, attorneys, trust officers, and administrators upon request.

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