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Services for Heirs

client contractUpon realizing that an existing estate may have an incomplete heirship, our research staff conducts a thorough search to identify and locate missing individuals. After completing the research process, a case administrator contacts the rightful heirs either by telephone or letter to advise them of our findings.

Heirs accept our services and become our clients by signing and returning an agreement to pay our firm a fee based on a percentage of the amount recovered.

When an individual accepts our services, our experienced staff performs all of the tasks to conclude the pending estate matter and distribute funds as quickly as possible.

Our agreements are strictly contingent on our clients receiving funds due to our efforts. No fees are ever due to us until after distribution is made.

If no funds are collected, our clients pay absolutely nothing.

Our Services Include the Following:

  • Sending a written report detailing available information about the estate.
  • Obtaining and preparing documentation to prove to the court that our clients are the correct heirs and are legally entitled to inherit. This includes family charts, certified vital records, affidavits, and expert testimony.
  • Consulting an experienced probate attorney at our expense, as needed, to assist us in properly establishing heirship.
  • Maintaining confidentiality regarding our clients. Our staff never releases personal information to others without permission.
  • Monitoring the progress of the estate matter closely until it concludes. Our courteous staff is available to answer your questions throughout the recovery process.
  • Providing a genealogical family chart at no cost to clients who request one.

Our mission is to provide excellent and efficient service to our clients.

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